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Estes Just Says NO To Pot Facilities

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Preliminary, unofficial results of the Town of Estes Park's Special Municipal Election show voters have decided not to allow a limited number of marijuana facilities within Town limits, with a majority of 68 percent.

Approximately 60 percent of active voters registered in the Estes Park town limits cast ballots in the Dec. 10 election. Complete unofficial election results are available at

Official results will be posted no later than December 20, 2019.

Pilot Program in Progress for New Bus Service Denver to Estes

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They're testing a new bus program for transportation to and from Estes Park.

The pilot program is going on weekends through September.

It won't be going from the Denver airport, instead it goes from Union Station with a stop in Westminster.

Right now the fare is only $5 each way!  Heck, we might check it out just to head down to Union Station and enjoy a day in the city :-).

You can get more info here:  BUSTANG

Get Rid of Your Stuff!

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We would like to give kudos to The League of Women Voters, the Community Recycling Committee, and all the local businesses and organizations who have become Estes Valley Planet Partners!

Recycling is such a huge issue, and it's simply amazing what can be recycled and reused!

Check out these Planet Partners and what they can reuse, recyle, and even resell…you might be surprised!

Get the skinny here:  EV Planet Partners Will Take Your Stuff!

FYI: Glacier Gorge Trailhead to Become WAY More Popular June 18-20th!

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Since they'll be closing the Bear Lake parking area those dates for road resurfacing, expect the Glacier Gorge parking area spots to be full way earlier…

The hiker's bus will still run to Glacier Gorge trailhead parking area, and you can then hike the short half mile up to the Bear Lake trail head.

Get the full details here if you plan on hitting the trails up there those dates:  Bear Lake Parking Closure

Kill a Bear or Be Aware

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We do not like to think we had a hand in the premature or accidental death of one.

We want to believe that we have had no part in a bear’s untimely death, especially since it would bother us to no end if we knew that we did.

Yet, we often choose to ignore the telltale signs that we very well may have had a hand in it.

Increase your bear awareness, and pass it on to friends and family who may be visiting the area and need some awareness too!

Don't Kill The Bears!

(The bear in the pic had to be killed by a local law enforcement officer.  So who killed the bear really…the officer or the hiker who left food in his car at the trailhead?)

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