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The Dining Out Scene Just Keeps Getting Better in Loveland

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From Boar and Bull to Piggin' Out Saloon to East End Alehouse to The Farmstead on South Lincoln…they have arrived!

Our big changes at Piggin' Out are coming to fruition! We are moving forward with opening a beer garden and food truck just south of Downtown at The Farmstead, 1015 South Lincoln. We are targeting mid-April so stay tuned! 

Get the details here:  Piggin' Out BBQ

Schools Closed Today Because of a Threat to the Denver/Metro Area

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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: In collaboration with other Denver metro area school districts and at the request of state and federal law enforcement, all Thompson School District schools and district offices will be closed on Wednesday, April 17, due to the ongoing safety concern that was communicated earlier today. All athletics and activities are cancelled as well and no employees are to report.

What can you do?  Be on the lookout for the person in the picture…information about her whereabouts should be reported to the FBI Tip Line at 303-630-6427.

More details here:  Columbine Infatuation

Dinner With Your Movie?

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Are you excited about being able to watch a big screen luxury theater downtown while being served dinner and drinks?

The 600-seat theater in The Foundry development will have a separate restaurant and bar, name to be determined, and customers will have a variety of options.

You can head straight to a luxury recliner in one of the auditoriums and order and be served there.

Read more here:  Dinner, Drinks, and a Movie!

Local Collaborative Trail Wins Starburst Award

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Want to bike or walk from Loveland to Fort Collins without motorized vehicle hassles?  Well, you can now…on an award winning trail!

And the trail has won a Colorado Lottery Starburst award for excellence in the use of Lottery proceeds for community and conservation projects.

The 4.4-mile long, 10-foot wide Long View Trail runs along the east side of North Taft Avenue in Loveland and South Shields Street in Fort Collins and provides a safe, detached, non-motorized alternative to traveling between the two cities.

More on the trail here:  Long View Trail

More on the award here:  Starburst Trail Award

All In a Days Work…NOT!

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Can you imagine wondering every time you pull somebody over if you're going to get shot in the chest?

Wow.  How many of us would seriously be considering another line of work if this happened?

Five years ago Loveland Police Officer Garret Osilka took a shotgun blast to his bulletproof vest that had such force it created a fist-sized dent in his chest. Patrolling the streets of Loveland to this day, he said he has no trouble remembering what it felt like.

More about this brave man here:  Shotgun Blasted

Lions and Tigers and Birds Oh My!

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Did you know that today is #NationalZooLoversDay?

While the Denver Zoo is an awesome place, less than an hour away you could visit lions and tigers and bears in a more natural setting at “The World's Largest Carnivore Refuge”!

Yup, we're talking about The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg.

And if you're into wild birds, you don't even have to leave Loveland…we've got the Morey Wildlife Reserve right here!  There have been 34 different species seen there this month already!

Today would be an awesome day to get out there and observe…:-)

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