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Our Favorite Colorado Murals from 2019

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Every year in Colorado, we have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while seeing some amazing art as the state-wide street art scene flourishes and grows. This year, Colorado hosted more than five mural festivals, with three in their first year. Street Wise in Boulder brought activist-inspired art to the streets, RKY MTN WALLS in Granby brought colorful urban vibes to the small mountain town and the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival showcased more women street artists than men.

The existing mural festivals also made a splash this year, with CRUSH WALLS celebrating its 10th year. And as we witness hundreds of murals going up, we can’t help but love some of them as our favorites. Although we’d love to pay tribute to all the artists who spent time and energy creating wonderful public art this year, we decided to let you in on the ones we love the most. All of the murals in this list were painted in 2019 and we hope they stay on the walls long enough for everyone to enjoy them.

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