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Money Management Workshops! FREE in Loveland

January 15 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for: 5 Part Series: Financial Foundation Education Program presented by WSBNoCo™ with the National Campaign for Financial Literacy

These FREE workshops are presented by experienced professionals in the community who are part of a nationwide movement to provide the community with financial education across all sectors.

Not just for the “Wallstreet” types who already have money working for them, but for those of us on “Mainstreet” who were not taught how money works: how and where to save, how to build wealth, and how to protect it. Learn how simple changes to your habits can make a HUGE impact on your financial future!

Here is what we will be covering in these classes and topics rotate so you can drop in when you can and learn all you want!

Check our Facebook Page @wsbnoco for this Wednesday's topic updates!

Workshop #1 Increasing your Cash Flow and Debt Management
– Discover $100 – $200 you didn’t realize you had
– The true cost of wasting $6.60 per day – where is your money going?
– Understand the difference between assets and liabilities and the misconceptions of each
– Know the tax advantages of being a business owner vs. an “employee”
– Implement an effective debt management plan, without paying someone else to tell you what to do.

Workshop #2 Building a Financial Foundation and Proper Protection
-How to have a strong protection plan
-What challenges come up over life and how to navigate them financially
-The relationship between building wealth and fulfilling your responsibility
-Do you need life insurance? If you do, how much coverage to you need?
-How do you know what type of insurance is right for your situation and your family?

Workshop #3 is all about Building Wealth and Foundation and Asset Accumulation
-What is the “Time Value” of your money?
-How do things like the wealth formula and Rule of 72 work for you (and against you)?
-Concepts of investments – which method works for your risk tolerance and lifestyle?
-Building a long term plan to maximize earnings while minimizing losses and taxes
-Saving for your child’s education amidst increasing tuition and cost of living

Workshop #4a is all about Retirement Planning!
-What is the 80/20 Retirement Rule?
-What sources of income will you have in Retirement?
-Understanding key differences among Fixed, Indexed, and Variable Annuities
-How IRAs, 401ks, and other Retirement Plans work
-Understanding and minimizing the tax effects of different Retirement options

Workshop #4b is all about Medicare Concerns and Estate Planning!
-Do you know about the Medicare spend down rule?
-What is your plan for Long Term Care?
-Understanding what Medicare will cover or not cover
-Medicare Supplement Plans and how to decide which is best for you
-Estate planning is for all income levels – make sure you don’t leave your planning up to Probate to do for your loved ones

No one stands to gain MORE from learning about your finances than YOU!

Become your OWN Money Manager!

Workbook and homework materials provided!


Northern Colorado Financial Education Center
201 E 4th St @DeskChair
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