Loveland City’s November Ballot May Include Reconsidering Marijuana Ban

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Some city Councilors think it's time to take a look at what has changed since 2011 when the Loveland council passed ordinances banning the sale of both medical and recreational marijuana within city limits (marijuana legalization was approved statewide by voters in November 2012).

“I think it is time that we re-explore whether Loveland is still on the right path to serve our citizens,” wrote Councilor John Fogle, Ward III, in an email to fellow councilors Tuesday afternoon.

In his email, Fogle wrote that his reasoning for bringing the matter back up involves the possibility that marijuana will soon be legalized at the federal level — if so, “our local ban will fall away and there will be a mad rush — with no rules in place — the City would have little control,” he wrote.

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