Cut Back Services…Or Increase Sales Tax?

On a basic level, cutting services won't effect everybody, but increasing sales tax pretty much will. Most likely, it won't be an either/or solution…it will involve a mixture of both. Although the city is doing “reasonably well” compared with where it was at this time last year, Loveland's sales tax is failing to grow at the… Keep Reading

Loveland Trails Yes, Devil’s Backbone No For E-Bikes…So Far

Loveland allows both Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes on all of its trails that allow bicycles. Larimer County, however, looking at primarily a different type of trail — soft-surface, single-track paths such as those at or connecting to the Devil's Backbone — banned e-bikes effective Jan. 1. But Larimer County is looking into changing… Keep Reading

Need Some New Habits? Local Author Offers Some Suggestions

Use these fundamental habits to become a happier, more authentic leader and make a strong positive impact in your home, work, community, and the world. When something is a habit, you don’t have to think about it; it just happens. You don’t talk yourself out of brushing your teeth in the morning, and you don’t… Keep Reading

A High School With Its Own Coffee Shop

Thompson's only in-school coffee shop offers lessons in real life. When one walks into Grounded, the smell of brewing coffee fills the room, a space decorated with hardwood floors, workshop-chic tables and walls lined with shelves of books. Ferguson High School students seem comfortable inside the coffee shop — both behind the counter and at… Keep Reading

Local Organization Sheds Light to Food Bank Members

Efficiency Works provides free LEDs to local food banks. Efficiency Works staff will deliver 3,800 LED replacement bulbs to the food bank whose staff will provide them to their clients for free. The 3,800 LED bulbs have an estimated annual electric bill savings of over $5,600. Get the details here:  FREE LIGHT Keep Reading

Local Road Rage Death Ruled Self Defense

Have you ever gotten mad at the way someone else is driving?  Did you ever stop to think that this is how it could have turned out? A local road rage incident gone way bad…with an unusual outcome. “Report says man choked another to death while trying to protect himself from two larger men.” Read… Keep Reading

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