Thankful The Cyclist is OK, But Interesting Twists in Story

in Local News

The unidentified cyclist was taken to Medical Center of the Rockies with non-life-threatening injuries.

Two witnesses saw the cyclist crash as a white pickup with a utility bed, also southbound, passed him. But they weren’t sure if the truck made contact with the bike or its rider.

The truck stopped briefly and let out a passenger, who stayed at the scene. The driver said he was going to park his truck but then left the scene.

An eyewitness told police that he was driving north and witnessed the accident. His dashcam was rolling, and he gave the footage to the officers to help with their investigation.

It will be interesting to see if they can determine what really happened…

More details here:  Cyclist Injured Boyd Lake Avenue

(photo by Jenny Sparks, Loveland Reporter-Herald)